Daily Fresh Food

With Yellowground we’ve been able to bring the adoption of InRiver to a higher level within the organisation. Initially InRiver was used as purely content enrichment, but with the professional and knowledgeable consultants of YellowGround we now use InRiver also for product data controls and are working towards new initiatives in product communication in the future.


Daily Fresh Food is a modern day company that is specialized in the food industry. They do not only offer a selection of products for B2B customers, but also produce their own products. In order to provide their customers with the most accurate product information available, they had a PIM solution installed. The solution should have had a positive impact on the data quality, but Daily Fresh Food was not sure enough of their own capabilities working with the solution.

Daily Fresh Food noticed that maintaining the data quality of their products is a huge job for their employees and wants to improve this situation. Therefore they wanted yellowground to provide more information about the PIM solution and develop an optimal workflow for their employees. The development of such a workflow includes setting up completeness rules and tasks. Users can assign tasks to other users or user groups, which enhances the workflow.


We started the project at Daily Fresh Food with an audit where we investigated the current application structure. Furthermore, we discussed the expectations and business requirements together with our customer, so Daily Fresh Food had a clear view of the PIM functionalities that suit their cause.

Since Daily Fresh Food wanted to have some more information on how to work with the solution, we provided them with a clear user manual and several exercises that fit their needs. They could already try some simple exercises within their test environment to increase their knowledge. The user manual also included our recommendations for further implementation of the PIM solution, which included setting up the task section. After reviewing the documentation together with Daily Fresh Food, we provided them with a demo of the PIM solution including the tasks and completeness rules.

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