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case: contentserv implementation at oh’green

If companies want to survive in the digital world, they will have to work with their data. Oh’Green knows this as well, as they chose to implement ContentServ with YellowGround. Would you like to know more about the project and the tight MVP approach? Make sure to keep on reading.


In February 2021, YellowGround started a process at Oh’Green to implement ContentServ. The project consists of two phases. In a first phase, a tight MVP was defined together with the customer. The MVP mainly consisted of manually uploading and exporting product data in ContentServ as well as enriching the product data. YellowGround succeeded in delivering the MVP within 50 working days, in a lead time of less than 3 months. The project is now moving to the second phase.

In the second phase, YellowGround will further optimize and automate the product data flow. So that the product import is no longer delivered manually, but directly via their ERP. The enrichment will be done in ContentServ, as already defined in MVP. The next step: automatic data transfer to the new Oh’Green webshop.


Oh’Green has 12 garden centers all over Belgium. Oh’Green was created through the recent merger of three garden center companies: Walter Van Gastel, Oh’Green Group and Intratuin. They offer a wide range of plants, flowers, decoration, garden furniture and animal products.


We could only accomplish the defined MVP by acting quickly with Oh’Green. Loesje, Oh’Green’s PM, knew how to get things done. This enabled us to quickly collect the information within Oh’Green that was needed to set up ContentServ quickly and efficiently. Communication took place in an open framework, there were almost daily consultations so that we could react quickly. It was of course a completely remote project due to Corona. When setting up a PIM system, it is always important to immediately involve the internal people. After the major work has been done, Oh’Green has to get to work on it itself, for example when a new product line is launched. The people of Oh’Green were involved from the start, to clarify all requirements (both those of the MVP and for the future).


Digitization at Oh’Green has been shifted into gear due to corona, with a new web shop as icing on the cake. As they realize that they need a good underlying structure, they have opted for a PIM system. The future looks bright for Oh’Green! We look forward to further supporting Oh’Green with their digital growth journey.

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