Get ready for ETIM 9

ETIM International has published its new ETIM standard in December 2022, ETIM 9, as a static version. Almost five thousand applications have been processed since the previous version. With more than two hundred new classes, new translations and de-duplications, Etim 9 is the most up-to-date ETIM version for structuring article data in a logical way. For manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, efficiently exchanging product information is still a major challenge. The new ETIM standard in combination with a solid PIM or MDM system ensures that your product data are complete, up-to-date and easily exchangeable with other parties.

YellowGround helps you with ETIM standards

At YellowGround, we work with all kinds of data on a daily basis. During the PIM and MDM projects we supervise, we help our customers gain insight into the quality of their data. Moreover, we support them in optimising their product information, connecting to data pools or even implementing a whole new PIM or MDM system.

With years of experience in this field, we have not only built up extensive expertise in PIM and MDM processes, but also have a broad knowledge of different software solutions. In addition to these partnerships, YellowGround is also a partner of 2BA and Ketenstandaard Bouw en Techniek.

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