PIM as a Single Source of Truth

The implementation of a Product Information Management solution can decrease the amount of product data that has been misplaced by employees due to unclear data strategies. Fragmented system integrations are one of the main problems why companies are losing customers.

This whitepaper focusses on the key advantages of a PIM solution as a Single Source of Truth, how it can improve your system landscape and stop the endless forwarding of excel files via email.


Nowadays, companies are confronted with many streams of information coming from different stakeholders, often saved in multiple silos of information. This can result in data issues, inefficient operational and organizational data alignment, and eventually bad customer experience.

Most companies work with ERP system(s) to manage the load of product data available. This works if the company wishes to only handle transactional data, yet isn’t sufficient when the goal is to produce rich marketing content as well. There are at least two key improvements which can be realized with PIM/MDM next to ERP: improvement of data quality and control, and more efficient use of time.

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