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Audit - YellowGround


During the audit we review your currently implemented solution, architecture and infrastructure. The result is a blueprint with our findings and recommendations.

Discovery - YellowGround


Discovering your needs is a long-term job, during our discovery phase we support you while making crucial decisions. It is important that you get the solution that fits your company’s needs.

Implementation - YellowGround


The implementation phase exists out of the actual setup of the solution and the integration of the solution into your current or new application structure. In order to achieve our goals we have developed a personal approach with some agile characteristics, where our main focus-point is optimal communication with our customer.

Coaching & Training - YellowGround

Coaching & Training

We offer you hands-on training about the delivered functionalities, since it is you who will eventually work with this solution. Our main principle is ‘Train the Trainer’, because it is important to have someone within your company who is able to educate fellow employees.

Tool Selection - YellowGround

Solution consulting

Since not every PIM solution might be able to fulfill your business requirements, we provide you with sufficient information to make a knowledgeable choice. It is not easy to make these life-changing decisions, but with our analytical knowledge and your product knowledge we can achieve a future-proof result.

Data Quality - YellowGround

Data Quality

The topic data quality has become unavoidable in today’s digital society, where products are offered over dozens of different channels. Achieving excellent data quality is a huge challenge, because it is not always clear whether your product information still has some gaps. That is where we offer the best possible solution.

Why product management?

Successful solutions improve the collection and management of content and asset information from multiple sources.

We live in a society where customers expect rich, up-to-date and consistent data accessible via different channels. This in combination with an increasing amount of changes within the product range, is what makes managing information important for the success of an organization. Correct and consistent product data help customers (B2X) determine their purchases within a broad range of channels. A successful solution plays a crucial and central role in your organization, since it is focused on the collection and management of content and assets from different sources. Furthermore, the solution efficiently distributes the product data to different channels, customers and partners. So, within the organization a PIM or MDM solution supports business processes ranging from project management, through marketing, to IT.

"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."

Carly Fiorina

PIM benefits

  • Easier maintenance of big product collections
  • Improve data quality and control
  • Higher sales
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce time-to-market for new product launches
  • Cross-channel customer experience
  • Increase cross- and upsell
  • Improve customer experience thanks to consistent data throughout all channels
  • Fewer returns and reconciliations
  • Fewer calls to call centers

MDM benefits

  • Useful and effective data analysis
  • Authoritative source of data
  • Data consistency
  • Flexible
  • Easier backup
  • Central solution
  • Easier data cleaning
  • Combining data
  • Multi domain

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