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YellowGround represents the solid foundation on which we build your PIM and MDM solution.

YellowGround is a company that is specialized in master data and product information management. We offer our customers a solid foundation with structured data and a solution which is optimized and fully integrated to support the business processes. With decades of experience, we are able to help businesses optimize efficiency, reduce time to market and increase data quality. We have successfully completed projects at Fabory, Daily Fresh Food, Alpheios, Vaessen Creative, Hubo…

Our main goal is to find a logical solution for all of your data problems and to complete every challenge to its full potential. We believe that storing data in a single source of truth has an impact on the success and time-management of your company.

Support. Dedication. Knowledge.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs


YellowGround values long-term collaboration, which is why we were founded within Xplore Group. Together we are part of the Cronos Group, a gathering of ecosystems specialized in extensive digital commerce and marketing. Thanks to this large network we have unlimited access to an inexhaustible source of information that has been proven beneficial for all kinds of partnerships.

Ten years of data management knowledge.
A young, enthusiastic team that is always here to help.
We aim for customer satisfaction.


We are a commited team with project managers, senior – and junior consultans and operations managers.

YellowGround - Tom Dilissen
Tom Dilissen
YellowGround - Frederik De Galan
Frederik De Galan
YellowGround - Michaël Engelen
Michaël Engelen
YellowGround - Teun Jaspers
Teun Jaspers
YellowGround - Iris Van Heusden
Iris Vanheusden
YellowGround Evelyn Van Roey
Evelyn Van Roey
YellowGround - Luc Arkens
Luc Arkens
YellowGround - Kristina Melis
Kristina Melis
YellowGround - Birgit Holbrecht
Birgit Holbrecht
YellowGround - Hanne Barra
Hanne Barra
YellowGround - Marc Van Bommel
Marc Van Bommel
YellowGround - Wesley Meuwissen
Wesley Meuwissen
Ellen Kappert
Tijmen Elseviers
Roel van Amstel
Joeri Van de Gender
Thomas Dejan
Arno Willaert

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