Fabory is a company located in the Netherlands and specialized in fasteners. Under pressure to add more than 100.000 products to their Master Data Management solution, the MDM team had to loosen the rules in order to send their products to the webshop on time. When the products were online the focus of Fabory shifted to data quality, where some improvements were required.

Due to lack of time the initial MDM implementation only contained basic features, which meant that Fabory was not yet using the MDM solution to its full potential.

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Our approach

The project at Fabory started with the prioritization of the issues and an analysis of the MDM solution. After a listing of the main flaws, YellowGround came up with the procedures to solve the data quality issues. An example of such an improvement is the use of LOV’s (list of values) for values that are commonly used for specific attributes. The use of these LOV’s will limit mistakes and unstructured attribute values.

Next to optimization of the initial implementation, Fabory wanted a clear view on the currently undiscovered features of the MDM solution. To fulfill their wishes, YellowGround showed them some of the newest features in a demo and offered them training after implementation in the test environment. Our latest training was mainly about the E-catalog feature, which can be used to send product information to an external system.


With this approach YellowGround improved the performance and usability of the MDM solution implemented at Fabory.

Other results were:

Documentation with our findings and recommendations
Key-user training
Implementation of the newest features

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