Customer-centricity was the key element throughout the entire implementation trajectory which made YellowGround a very pleasant company to work with. Because of the PIM-implementation we are now able to manage and improve our product data in a central database, which enhanced the efficiency of our business processes and offers our customers accurate product information. Thanks to YellowGround our customers are now able to find the products and the information they are looking for in our new and improved webshop.

Marc Verlinden


Alpheios is one of the biggest companies in the Benelux for professional cleaning products, systems and strategies. They have a large variety of products, which makes managing and enriching product data a challenge. In order to facilitate this process Alpheios installed a PIM solution, however, they noticed that setting up such a solution comes with many challenges. Alpheios’ goal is to achieve a Product Information Managemeent solution that is future-proof and improves the business flow of both Cleandeal and Alpheios.

Alpheios asked YellowGround to maintain their current PIM solution and migrate it to the cloud. Since the current setup was not entirely what Alpheios desired, they wanted a new implementation that fulfilled their business requirements.

Our approach

The project of Alpheios started with an audit including a high-level investigation of the current application structure and business flow. Together we discussed the As-Is situation, so we could realize a migration to the cloud with the changes of the organizational structure in mind. We concluded the audit with the documentation of our findings and recommendations. After the audit we continued with our discovery phase, because we needed a detailed overview of the As-Is and To-Be situation.

Before the end of our discovery phase, we provided Alpheios with a blueprint of our implementation efforts, which we discussed at length during the review workshop. This document served as a foundation for our PIM implementation, which is why a review of any remaining open points was obligatory.

Our implementation phase took place in three short sprints that ended with a demo of the configured functionalities. These demo’s improved our relationship with Alpheios, since the company was able to follow our progress closely. Furthermore, Alpheios had access to our tooling which offered them an up-to-date overview of our performed actions. During the implementation, we also offered our customer a key-user training, which prepared them for the new implementation.

Next, we deployed our implementation to the production environment, followed by the necessary User Acceptance Testing. When we achieved the desired result, we were able to go live.


The result was a future proof PIM implementation with documentation based on our customer’s requirements. Alpheios also received a key-user training and several demonstrations, which enabled our customer to understand and use the PIM. Due to the implementation Alpheios was able to improve their business processes and time-to-market. The PIM solution provided them a better overview of incomplete product data and stimulated their employees to strive for perfection.

Project type



  • 2 companies
  • 6 webshops
  • 27.000 products


  • PIM solution
  • ERP integration (SAP)
  • Connection to the mailing system (Selligent)
  • Webshop integration (Intershop)

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